We pray and we act. This is a full on wrestling match for the lives and hearts of the men who fuel the demand for sex trafficking. We take your safety and training seriously. The Prayer Corps is critical to the whole operation. You can also apply to join the Cyber Patrol Team, but you must be part of the Prayer Corps to join the Cyber Patrol Team.


This will take one hour of your time every month.

  • Commit to a 3 month tour of duty.
  • Pray for 5 minutes on one designated day per week over prayer points sent via email and the prayer above.
  • Are “on call” for urgent and real-time prayer needs sent via text on your designated day of the week.
  • Attend a short monthly prayer & training gathering via Zoom.


This will take four to five hours of your time every month and includes the time required for the Prayer Corps.

  • Commit to a 6 month tour of duty.
  • Are active members of the Prayer Corps.
  • Attend the Cyber Patrol training classes.
  • Patrol at least one time each month for 3 hours.
  • Attend the monthly prayer & training gathering.