All Things Are Possible #01

Be Broken Ministries is compelling proof that All Things Are Possible. I’ve quoted their quick backstory below to encourage you to take a look sometime. Look for more blog entries in the coming months that all say the same simple thing… there really is a way out of the deepest, darkest pit of sexual addiction. There is Hope.

“The story of Be Broken Ministries began with the story of Jonathan & Elaine Daugherty. Their personal journey through the devastation of sexual addiction and brokenness led to the formation of the ministry. As healing began, first for Jonathan, and later for Elaine, they started to realize just how prevalent sexual brokenness was for families nationwide. Not wanting their healing to be in vain, they decided to begin reaching out to other men and their families who could benefit from the principles they learned on the journey to freedom and restoration. The road was difficult and painful, but the results have been worth every step. And it will be worth it for your family too…”

Abolition Wisconsin is all about disruption, intervention and eradication… but we’re not about destroying people. We want to offer every buyer a way out to recovery and freedom!