Demand Abolition

by abolitionist77

Dormancy doesn’t mean inaction… something is actually getting formed in that cocoon or maybe that seed is just waiting for Spring!  Here’s some of the things forming in the waiting over the past year and a half:

  • Every Daughter is reaching exploited women directly in the Greater Madison area.  They offer a listening ear, practical resources and a way out of CSE (Commercial Sexual Exploitation).
  • bigbighouse is carefully forming a plan to confront the demand for paid sex and get good men involved directly to intercept buyers.  We’re talking to EPIK , a banner organization doing just that, asking them what it looks like for us to get involved.  Check back; we’ll have more details this Spring.
  • Zeteo Community is setting up a safe place where women leaving CSE can restore away from the darkness and chaos.

Thank you for tracking with us!