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History does not have to repeat itself!

Many residents of Wisconsin think of it as an agricultural state where major crime doesn’t exist, but exploring our state history reveals many things most people would not want to admit. References to prostitution are found in Milwaukee newspapers (1) two years after Wisconsin became a state in 1848 revealing that the state was actually a significant hub from the start for what we know as sex trafficking. Bonnie Ripp-Shucha writes that Eau Claire, a center for logging and mining, was also known for brothels every 100 to 150 feet along it’s main thoroughfare. The local workforce, mostly single men with money but no real to way to use it spent it at the brothels. Recruiters for the women in the brothels were “madams” from Chicago or Minneapolis enticing young women with empty promises of an affluent lifestyle. Those recruited found themselves more likely beaten into selling themselves to the men of the camps. Law enforcement did not take much action and legal penalties were uselessly minimal. (2)

History does not have to repeat itself… let’s DEMAND ABOLITION, WISCONSIN!

(1) Online Encyclopedia of Milwaukee, https://emke.uwm.edu/entry/prostitution/, accessed 10 April 2022.

(2) Bonnie Ripp-Shucha, “’This Naughty, Naughty City’: Prostitution In Eau Claire From The Frontier To The Progressive Era”, Wisconsin Magazine of Historical Archives, 1997, pp 33

All Things Are Possible #01

Be Broken Ministries is compelling proof that All Things Are Possible. I’ve quoted their quick backstory below to encourage you to take a look sometime. Look for more blog entries in the coming months that all say the same simple thing… there really is a way out of the deepest, darkest pit of sexual addiction. There is Hope.

“The story of Be Broken Ministries began with the story of Jonathan & Elaine Daugherty. Their personal journey through the devastation of sexual addiction and brokenness led to the formation of the ministry. As healing began, first for Jonathan, and later for Elaine, they started to realize just how prevalent sexual brokenness was for families nationwide. Not wanting their healing to be in vain, they decided to begin reaching out to other men and their families who could benefit from the principles they learned on the journey to freedom and restoration. The road was difficult and painful, but the results have been worth every step. And it will be worth it for your family too…”

Abolition Wisconsin is all about disruption, intervention and eradication… but we’re not about destroying people. We want to offer every buyer a way out to recovery and freedom!

Facebook etc. are recruiting platforms!

As reported by Tyler Durden on the ZeroHedge news site, online recruitment of victims of sex trafficking happened “overwhelmingly” via social media platforms. Durden wrote that,

A stunning new report ties social media platforms – the most prominent of which is Facebook – to “the majority” of online recruitment in active sex trafficking cases. The data was revealed in the Human Trafficking Institute’s 2020 Federal Human Trafficking Report, according to CBS. Human Trafficking Institute CEO Victor Boutros said on CBSN Wednesday: “The internet has become the dominant tool that traffickers use to recruit victims, and they often recruit them on a number of very common social networking websites. Facebook overwhelmingly is used by traffickers to recruit victims in active sex trafficking cases.”

Boutros also said in the interview that, contrary to popular notions, traffickers most often work individually, shrewdly taking advantage of vulnerabilities they already know about to exploit victims they have befriended. These individual traffickers handle small numbers of victims at a time and not large groups in an organized crime syndicate. Read the entire 2020 Federal Human Trafficking Report report online by clicking here.

Here are three simple, common sense takeaways from the report:

  • Maintain personal integrity and practice around the online content you are accessing as a parent.
  • Build and maintain bridges of open communication with your children. Parents are still the number one source of influence in the lives of kids and teens.
  • Know what sites your children are accessing and have the tough discussion with them about guidelines, boundaries, and limits.

What you do matters!

Our children are in the line of fire!

A quick search of the Wisconsin news site Channel 3000 showed nine arrests were made in the first four months of 2021 related to child pornography in some way… our children are in the line of fire! As extreme as it may seem to the average observer, men who choose to view child pornography and then eventually molest children or purchase sex with children do so out of a completely distorted reality developed over time.

According to Sarah Paquette, a student who investigated the issue as part of her master’s thesis at the Université de Montréal School of Criminology in 2011, men who sexually abuse children generally blame external factors to explain their actions and diminish their guilt. “Every reason they give is a cognitive distortion,” said Sarah in explaining her work. Her findings supported other studies on the issue.

Lexie Smith, groomed and trafficked as a child, tells her story of abuse, rescue, and recovery on the Exodus Cry blog. It is a wrenching story to read. Pornography desensitized the men who exploited her making her an object completely without human worth. Unless we overthrow our cultural acceptance of all types of pornography the demand for sex trafficking will not end.

Abolish demand… end trafficking!

Another one bites the dust…

There is an encouraging trend on the part of the federal government to take down online websites that are fronts for illegal child sex trafficking and prostitution. Old news but good news, and may there be more news like it … CBS News reported on June 19 of this year that:

Prosecutors in Texas … have taken down one of the largest websites to replace backpage.com, the defunct classified website that allowed advertisements for prostitution and child sex trafficking.

… Wilhan Martono, 46, the owner and operator of several illicit websites that advertised prostitution around the world, was arrested on sex trafficking, money laundering and other related charges. His sites — CityXGuide.com and its affiliated websites, including 1Backpage.com — advertised prostitution, child sex trafficking and other illicit services. The online platforms he created contained hundreds of thousands of posts for “intimate activities” that users could filter by their location and interests. 

During the investigation, law enforcement officers discovered correspondence between Martono and an advertiser who said the website was “taking over from where Backpage left off.” In fact, court documents say that Martono registered the domain name for 1Backpage.com, CityXGuide.com and a half a dozen others the day after the FBI seized Backpage.com in April 2018.

“As soon as DOJ shut down one despicable site, another popped up to take its place,” said U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox in a statement. “Like the owners of Backpage, this defendant made millions facilitating the online exploitation of women and children. The Justice Department will not rest until these sites are eliminated and their owners held accountable for their crimes.”

These actions have pressured and splintered the illegal market for purchased sex but there are still multiple questionable sites in operation. Abolition Wisconsin wishes success to the DOJ at federal and state levels in their continued campaign to remove online access to this destructive, exploitative business.

Sex Trafficking Demand Reduction Act (HR 4326)

Six long years, and many attempts in the making, this legislation could possibly be passed in the US House of Representatives in 2020. It is a critical part of eliminating sex trafficking both in the United States and around the world. This would be done through the an annual review conducted by the US State Department that assigns a score on how countries are doing in the fight against sex trafficking, with potential economic sanctions on countries that are consistently ignoring the problem.

Get involved by writing your legislators via this online tool. Use the example text below to write your letter.

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.
As your constituent I want to bring to your attention, and ask you to co-sponsor, an important bi-partisan bill to combat sex trafficking globally called The Sex Trafficking Demand Reduction Act (HR 4326). Reducing the demand for commercial sex is the only effective way to prevent and eliminate sex trafficking and this bill will be an important and effective way to ensure our nation is doing everything it can to put pressure on countries around the world to take demand reduction seriously. Please co-sponsor and support HR 4326.
Sincerely, ear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.
Your Name
Your City & State

Find more information on this legislation and the work that Exodus Cry did to keep pushing it along right here.

What is bigbighouse?

bigbighouse (and yes, it’s all lowercase!) is the umbrella 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides legal covering and administration for our two anti-trafficking initiatives. It had it’s start in 2009 in Indonesia and was officially incorporated in Wisconsin in 2012. The IRS approved it as a non-profit in 2013 and we’ve been slowly growing since then.

bigbighouse logo

Abolition Wisconsin is our men’s initiative, hosted at this website. Every Daughter is our women’s initiative. Due to technical difficulties at the host server for bigbighouse we temporarily redirected traffic to Abolition Wisconsin. That problem is solved and the new site for bigbighouse is up and running.

If you happen to be on this site and you’re trying to donate to bigbighouse via our PayPal account, I’ve inserted the donation link below. Thanks for your support and patience!

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Myth vs. Reality

Myth: women choose into prostitution. Reality: it’s RARELY a choice.

Women do not want to be prostituted. Instead they experience traumatic force/violence, pervasive fraud/lies, and terrifying coercion/manipulation and that amounts to sex trafficking by the legal definition.

@ExodusCry tweeted a quote from Melissa Farley’s research that “81% of the women in the Nevada legal brothels reported they wanted to escape prostitution regardless of its legal status. They said it is all (legal/illegal) emotionally the same.” – Melissa Farley #notajob #sexualexploitation #bansexbuying

This statistic mirrors research done in the Chicagoland area around 2013 showing 85% of the prostituted women surveyed wanted out.

Stop demand. End trafficking.

Police Cannot Out-Arrest Demand for Paid Sex

Brown County Sheriff, Jim Valley, testifying to the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety recently about their online sting operations. They typically receive 200+ responses within two hours of posting a fake sex-for-sale advertisement online and can only deal with 5 of those men. Law enforcement cannot out-arrest the demand.

No Demand, No Trafficking

Exodus Cry and Epipheo teamed up to produce this simple, hard hitting video that we want to share with you…

This is what Abolition Wisconsin is confronting through building up a Prayer Corps of committed men of honor, and then starting a Cyber Patrol using the approach developed by Epik Project.  Men create the demand for trafficking.  Better men can stop it.