Our children are in the line of fire!

by abolitionist77

A quick search of the Wisconsin news site Channel 3000 showed nine arrests were made in the first four months of 2021 related to child pornography in some way… our children are in the line of fire! As extreme as it may seem to the average observer, men who choose to view child pornography and then eventually molest children or purchase sex with children do so out of a completely distorted reality developed over time.

According to Sarah Paquette, a student who investigated the issue as part of her master’s thesis at the Université de Montréal School of Criminology in 2011, men who sexually abuse children generally blame external factors to explain their actions and diminish their guilt. “Every reason they give is a cognitive distortion,” said Sarah in explaining her work. Her findings supported other studies on the issue.

Lexie Smith, groomed and trafficked as a child, tells her story of abuse, rescue, and recovery on the Exodus Cry blog. It is a wrenching story to read. Pornography desensitized the men who exploited her making her an object completely without human worth. Unless we overthrow our cultural acceptance of all types of pornography the demand for sex trafficking will not end.

Abolish demand… end trafficking!