Mapping the Sex Buyer Journey

by abolitionist77

Posted by on October 30, 2017 in CEASE Network


Bianca Morales-Egan and Angie Bayless coordinated city-wide activities focused in part on commercial sex demand reduction for San Diego and Phoenix respectively via the four year CEASE Network (Cities Empowered Against Sexual Exploitation) initiative.

In the process, they investigated the significant cultural and social forces that shape the process from the lens of the “buyer journey” a marketing concept used by companies to improve the effectiveness of their product marketing.  This work identified key points for intervention and deterrence, including tactics already developed, tested, and refined by members of the CEASE Network.  Bianca and Angie make an argument in this webinar for the importance of a multi-sector approach.

Get educated on what it will take to end sex trafficking by abolishing the demand!