All Things Are Possible #02

by abolitionist77

You may say it’s not possible, but I disagree, and so do Michael & Melissa Anderson, a couple who chose into staying together and working through the big comeback from Michael’s 18 year addiction to pornography.  They’re real life people who’ve navigated what it takes and want to help others do the same.  Check out their story at A New Grip.

“We will both share with you a description of our “prison cells” throughout this blog, but more importantly what it’s been like to allow God to tear down those bars and walk in FREEDOM.  If only we could have recognized what we were choosing to live in, perhaps we could have broken out earlier.  We hope this blog will help you see the bars for what they are, support you, and celebrate with you as you tear them down, and offer you hope and encouragement along your journey.  We pray you are able to do this together, but YOUR bars can come down, even if your spouse does not choose this at this time.  Walking in freedom is a choice, and you can start your journey today.”

Abolition Wisconsin stands for the way out and the way home.  Michael & Melissa show us how through their own experience shared openly, authentically and practically with posts like 5 Ways to Help Your Wife Heal After Betrayal.  More to come!